Webinar #3 - Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots: Past, Present and Future

We are pleased to publish the third official webinar in the ODIN Hospitals of the Future 360° webinar series on rehabilitation and assistive robots. This new edition of the webinar was hosted by Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and covered topics on rehabilitation and assistive robots. 

The webinar was attended by the following panelists, who discussed the main current innovations in the field of rehabilitation and assistive robots, and the new developments expected in the coming years.

Webinar #3

The session in a nutshell: Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots: Past, Present and Future

From medical robots to healthcare assistants and intelligent machines replacing or supporting human functions in the hospital. Robots and humans are getting closer and closer, collaborate and interact physically and cognitively. Thanks to the AI and sensors, next generation of robots in the hospital will be able to learn, reason, take decisions and change their behavior in complete user-tailored and human-centric perspective.

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