For proposals submitted by an individual applicant, the maximum amount granted per project can be up to EUR 60 000 per proposal.

For proposals submitted by two or more applicants, the maximum amount granted per project can be up to EUR 120 000 per proposal.

The distribution of the project budget is up to the applicant(s) and their corresponding industry partner(s) and will have to be justified in the application form.

The ODIN application form is available on ODIN website

The application form will be accessible once logged in to the ODIN pre-registered account.

To submit a proposal, the main applicant will first have to register for an account on the ODIN submitsquare Platform, including the company profile where contact data will be asked.

Applications are not accepted by email. They must be presented through the ODIN submitsquare Platform.

Proposals must be written in English, the official language for ODIN Open Calls. Submissions done in any other language will not be evaluated.

Yes, UK entities including universities, research centres, scientists, hospitals, industry, etc. can participate in the ODIN open call according the document published on the European commission’s website

No, this is not possible. Consortium partners cannot be beneficiaries of third-party funding.

There is no criterion to form multi-national consortia. In the framework of ODIN, you can opt for mono-national consortia without reducing your chances to get selected.

No, this would result in a situation with conflict of interest for reasons involving economic interest, political or national affinity, family or emotional ties or any other shared interest. Therefore, those beneficiaries cannot apply.

Other entities who have some link (loose or not) to core consortium partners can apply

Only one proposal per applicant will be considered for evaluation. Multiple submissions of the same proposal can be made: the last one received through the ODIN submitsquare platform will be considered.

Selected entities will enter the Consortium of ODIN as third parties after the signature of a Collaboration Agreement.

Notifications on funding or rejections will be sent out to applicants, together with any feedback, by 28th November 2022.

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