ODIN Open Innovation

Its objective is to attract innovation and open collaboration with the best talent in the search for new formulas that help us turn challenges into opportunities.

We want to be a connection point with the entrepreneurial world in an environment designed for co-creation, where highly qualified researchers work. We innovate together to move towards the future with the focus on our goal of being a smart hospital reference.

Missed Our Webinar on "Robotics in Healthcare"? Catch It Now! 🎥

📣 Good news! If you couldn’t make it to our live webinar on «Robotics in Healthcare», don’t fret. We’ve uploaded the entire session on our YouTube channel for you!

About the Webinar:

Hosted in conjunction with the ODIN OPEN INNOVATION initiative, this webinar plunged deep into the transformative world of Robotics in Healthcare. Drawing on insights from EU-funded projects, our session illuminated the potential of robotics to reshape healthcare delivery.


Expertise Sharing: Gain knowledge from companies at the forefront of robotic solutions in healthcare.
Round Table Discussion: A profound discussion platform setting the path for future groundbreaking ventures.
Networking: Establish new collaborations and expand your network across Europe.

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An initiative focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the entire health value chain.

We are looking for the best talent to build a future together

Innovation, transformation, disruption. If you are a startup, SME, industry, technology center, university, or a technical professional, and these are the concepts that define you, immerse yourself in our ecosystem and collaborate with us to work on new, more efficient and sustainable hospital of the future.

We support internal talent

generating value from inside.

We are looking for the best talent to build a future together

collaborate and grow together, facing present and future challenges.

We attract innovation

through and environment designed for the development and improvement of the work experience.

A place where we turn ideas into realities

We collaborate together through different lines of work, such as: ideation or teambuilding sessions, Lean workshops, lessons learned sessions, etc..

Co-creation and co-design

An environment designed to work promoting the co-creation and co-design of proofs of concept through agile methodologies.

Multidisciplinary space

A multicultural space with the possibility of interacting with excellent internal ODIN professionals with extensive expertise in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare ecosystem

an opportunity to work in a ecosystem of healthcare partners, in which the hierarchical structure coexists with the network structure.

A community to be part of

A Community of partners mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains (AI, robotics, IoT) interested in sharing experiences, learning, challenges, services and solutions, good practices and use cases positioning Europe at the forefront of Hospital 4.0 revolution based on highly digitized and robotized health installations.

Being part of the ODIN community of interest brings you new opportunities such:

Being member of the ODIN Innovation HUB
to post and respond healthcare challenges.

Sharing experiences and know how in digital health with pilots in Europe and expert tech mentors.

Opportunities in future calls of ODIN and other H2020 projects.

Access to international markets, and much more.

Join our community to connect with other members and taking part in our activities!

Odin Innovation HUB

Welcome to the ODIN innovation HUB!

What can you find here?

The Open Innovation Hub is a place where you and ODIN can interact to co-create new value by combining state-of-the-art core technologies developed by ODIN that are based on its expertise on smart hospitals and ongoing projects with your needs and ideas.

New value and ideas are created here to contribute to the creation of a better healthcare delivery, improving inter-professional collaboration, optimizing information flows and business models, and implementing effective patient-centred care pathways.

We will help you develop your process and implement your new ideas and ensure that you are able to adopt a culture that support innovation.

For experts, healthcare organizations and companies.