Market Scouting

Connecting the best startups, SME’s and others with companies in healthcare sector

Enhance the visibility of your company

ODIN ecosystems are the perfect showcase for your startup. Here you can share information about your technologies with our innovation network.

  • Show the technology of your startup to companies and other members of the ecosystem.
  • Share your achievements, progress, and projects with the publication of articles that the entire ecosystem can read.

Find business opportunities for 
your company

At ODIN ecosystems, companies look for startups with technological assets (pilots or ready-to-market) that have the potential to disrupt the sector.

  • Discover technology challenges from large corporations in your sector.
  • Find opportunities to validate or prototype your technology on-site and accelerate your startup.
  • Obtain new clients by showing them how your startup can help them to become more efficient or to develop new products and services.

Discover other relevant companies

ODIN ecosystems offer the possibility of enhancing your knowledge of a specific sector in order to improve your decision-making.

  • Learn about the needs of companies in your sector and relevant innovation news for your business.
  • Discover other startups and their technologies and find inspiration to grow.
  • Perform technology monitoring on your competitor’s products and services.
  • Contact other startups and SMEs in the ecosystem to establish collaboration agreements.

Share your project with the ecosystem to attract potential investors, clients, or collaborators. Here, you can find the showcase:

By sharing your project, you can also establish alliances with companies, carry out prototyping projects to test your technologies, and receive feedback from clients and experts.