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Collaboration of Data Professionals in Hospital Settings


Collaboration of Data Professionals in Hospital Settings


UMCU – University Medical Center Utrecht

Background Information:

The integration of specialized data professionals, such as bioinformaticians and data scientists, into healthcare settings is increasingly crucial. These experts are essential for processing complex data like genomics and deploying AI models to improve clinical care. However, there is a notable gap in their integration within hospital departments due to isolation and the niche nature of their roles.

Challenge Description:

UMCU aims to foster an environment where data professionals are not only integrated but are also part of a collaborative community within the hospital. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between technical data handling and everyday clinical operations, enhancing the hospital’s overall data-driven decision-making capabilities.

What They Are Looking For:

Practical strategies and best practices for embedding data-minded professionals into clinical teams, enabling effective collaboration and knowledge exchange to prepare for a future where data is integral to healthcare.

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