Odin Open Call

The ODIN Open Call is open until September 29th, 2022, join our community!

ODIN Open Call in a nutshell

ODIN aims at developing a highly interoperable platform for widespread use of digital services in smart hospital contexts.

In this Open Call, ODIN offers the opportunity to third parties to contribute in the development and sustainability of the project, working in a European environment and getting financial support. ODIN project will bring new third parties and end users of products and services across Europe to expand the ODIN ecosystem, thanks to the enhancement of the existing ODIN platform. In this context the ODIN ecosystem will engage partners mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains (AI, robotics, IoT).

This Open Call targets mainly the following challenges:

  • Type 1: will bring the technology to solve technical use case which will give organizations opportunity to further develop the platform’s functionalities. Allocated Budget: 180,000€ for the funding of 3 proposals (max budget: €60,000 per proposal)
  • Type 2: ODIN will allow to integrate up to 2 more pilots to test ODIN use cases (logistic, territorial and clinical) or new use case. Allocated Budget: €240.000 for the funding of 2 proposals (max budget: €120.000 per proposal)

Who can apply?

  • Looking for consortia of public, private hospitals or healthcare organizations and technology providers.
  • Looking for innovative tech Startups, SMEs, MID caps, Industry, Research organizations and Academia.

How long is the expected duration of sub-projects?

12 months

When and who to apply?

The application for the Open Calls is open from July 1st 2022 to September 29th 2022 at 17.00 CET.


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