Healthcare Challenges

Development of Predictive Models for Patient Pathways


Development of Predictive Models for Patient Pathways


SERMAS – Servicio Madrileño de Salud

Background Information:

At SERMAS, understanding that the ability to predict and optimize treatment pathways for patients is crucial for delivering effective and efficient healthcare is fundamental. Millions suffer from various medical conditions, and enhancing patient care through advanced analytics is a priority.

Challenge Description:

SERMAS seeks to develop predictive models that utilize process mining and deep learning techniques to analyze non-clinical and clinical data. This initiative aims to enable healthcare professionals to accurately predict treatment pathways, which will lead to more informed healthcare decisions and improved patient outcomes across various conditions.

What They Are Looking For:

SERMAS is inviting collaborations to support the development and implementation of these predictive models, with a focus on enhancing the precision of patient care management.

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