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Mobile Application for Abdominal Scanning in Pregnant Women


Mobile Application for Abdominal Scanning in Pregnant Women


SERMAS – Servicio Madrileño de Salud

Background Information:

Regular monitoring of fetal development is essential for a healthy pregnancy, and SERMAS recognizes the need for innovative, non-invasive monitoring solutions. Despite the critical role of medical check-ups, there is a significant opportunity for technological advancements to support pregnant women.

Challenge Description:

The objective is to develop a mobile application that allows pregnant women to conduct abdominal scans independently or with family assistance. This app will be integrated with the hospital’s electronic medical records to ensure seamless communication and will feature anomaly detection, alerts for complications, and robust data security.

What They Are Looking For:

SERMAS seeks a mobile app solution that is technically feasible, user-friendly, and compliant with healthcare regulations, designed to enhance prenatal care and ensure the safety and well-being of the pregnancy journey.

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